Mr Shifter’s Average Time to Dismantle, Relocate and Reassemble a Slate Pool Table - 3 Movers for Approx 6 Hours However, This Depends on the Table and Its Location.

Auckland Pool Table Movers – Your Experts in Snooker and Billiard Table Relocations. Moving snooker tables, billiard tables, and pool tables is a daunting task. These tables are not only large and heavy but also incredibly fragile. Transporting them improperly can lead to damage, especially considering that quality pool tables often use slate as their playing surface, making them both heavy and delicate.
At Mr Shifter, we specialise in the relocation of heavy furniture and pool tables. Between Mr Shifter’s Wellington and Auckland branches, our team of professional Moveoligists has successfully completed well over 100 pool table relocations. When you choose Mr Shifter for your pool table move in Auckland or Wellington, here’s what you need to know:


    • The possibility of moving a slate pool table without disassembling it depends on several factors:  Table Size, Weight, and Construction: If your pool table is slate-based, Mr Shifter will NOT relocate it without disassembling it.

MDF POOL TABLES – They don’t have a slate base.

    • How heavy is this pool table? MDF tables weigh around 80-100kg.
    • Is Disassembly required? Pool tables made of MDF are typically lightweight and can often be relocated without requiring disassembly.  

LARGE / SLATE POOL TABLES – We suggest contacting us to move your pool table if it is not made of MDF.

    • How heavy is this pool table? Depending on their construction, home-use pool tables typically weigh between 210kg and 250kg.   The table’s weight and fragility are increased by the slate bed playing surface, which is usually present.
    • Is Disassembly required? Disassembly is typically necessary for transporting heavier slate bed pool tables.   Multiple slate sections typically make up tables of this size, which require disassembly and cannot be moved without specialized equipment and tools.  


    • Dragging or pushing pool tables is not recommended. The pool table leg fittings can be significantly damaged by this. At all times, make sure to lift the table.
    • Expert handling and specialist tools are necessary for pool tables that feature multiple sections of slate. Attempting to move this type of table on your own is NOT recommended.

Mr Shifter will not relocate a slate pool table unless we dismantle it. Please don’t let anyone talk you into separating the top from the bottom and trying to maneuver it onto trucks and through houses etc …